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Hello. My name is Jennifer Tougaw and I am an individual and couples therapist in Denver, Colorado. I offer a safe, compassionate, & supportive space to explore your struggles, fears, and anxieties and to help you find a more peaceful and satisfying relationship with yourself and with others.




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Areas of Practice

Couples Therapy

The need to belong is human nature, but being in a relationship can be hard. And stressful and confusing. Add in the additional stresses of raising children, paying a mortgage, or juggling a career, and maintaining a relationship can feel almost impossible.


The burden of depression can be devastating. Its symptoms of fear, worry, and despair can leave you feeling isolated. It does not have to be this way. There is hope. I will walk with you through this season in your life and together we can start the journey to healing and living a deeply meaningful and peaceful life.

Individual Therapy

Asking for help can be scary, but it is strong and courageous and is the first step in healing. Together, we can work through whatever you are struggling with and get on the path to living a deeply meaningful life filled with joy and balance. You are not alone. Things can get better. There is hope.


Seeking therapy can be especially overwhelming if you are suffering from anxiety. You may feel too overwhelmed to look for a therapist or make it to a session, or just the thought of looking, talking to someone, or leaving the house may produce greater anxiety for any number of reasons.

premarital counseling

Successful, happy marriages happen when two people work together to create a strong foundation built on communication, emotional connection, friendship, and agreement. The most satisfied and enduring couples are the ones who proactively invest in their marriage by learning the skills — and doing the work — that will keep their love strong.


Counseling can help you gain insight into the ways your core beliefs and values are reflected in your behavior. You may sometimes discover that you need to reexamine these values. There are multiple paths toward fulfilling spiritual needs. Together we can make use of your spiritual and religious beliefs to help you explore and resolve your problems.



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