Anxiety Treatment at Life in Balance Therapy


Sometimes anxiety shows up as worrisome thoughts, or mental movies projecting terrible outcomes, and sometimes it shows up in your body. Tension, sleeplessness, irritability, difficulty eating, shakiness, teeth grinding, gastrointestinal issues, ulcers, headaches, having difficulty concentrating, and feeling in a fog are all part of the anxiety experience.

Some Symptoms of Anxiety

  • recurrent thoughts and worries that interfere with your general wellbeing

  • constant overwhelm

  • racing heart

  • headaches

  • difficulty concentrating

  • muscle tension or unexplained body aches

  • increase or decrease in appetite while feeling stressed or anxious

  • inability to go to sleep or stay asleep

  • driving urge to put your worries at ease (constant Internet searches about your worry or fear, talking excessively to friends/family about your worry or fear)

  • continuously asking 'what if' or always looking at the negative despite the existence of alternative explanations

Seeking therapy can be especially overwhelming if you are suffering from anxiety. You may feel too overwhelmed to look for a therapist or make it to a session, or just the thought of looking, talking to someone, or leaving the house may produce greater anxiety for any number of reasons. 

You do not have to continue to be tormented by anxiety. You can learn the skills that will stop anxiety in it’s tracks, and allow you to move forward. You can learn how to feel calm, competent, and secure again. I can show you how.