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5 Marriage Building Strategies to Make Your Marriage Extraordinary

Marriage is hard because life is hard. Relationships are hard. Parenting is hard. Work is hard.

And people are complicated. We tend to hide our vulnerabilities—our fear, loneliness, shame, and confusion. And we aren’t very good at talking about the parts of ourselves that we don’t fully understand and try to ignore.

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Open & Honest Communication

The more open and connected the dialogue, the healthier a relationship tends to be. Take responsibility. You are in control of the way you communicate with your partner. Make a conscious effort to bring as many of the above intentions into your communications, and you’re bound to see and feel some very positive changes in your relationship.

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3 Ways to Connect with Your Partner Today

A happy and successful marriage requires a lot of time and effort. These days, it feels like we never have time to get everything done in a day, but I would encourage you to set aside time every day to really connect with your partner in a meaningful way. Here are 3 quick ideas to get you started:

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